New Members 2022


New Members

Zerin Scales,
PA-C, MPAP, MS. Physician Assistant - BlackLenz Visual Arts.
Los Angeles, California, USA

Peter Bury,
Forensic Technical officer.
Victorian Institue of Forensic Medicine,
Southbank, Victoria, Australia

Matthew Croxton MS,
Research and Imaging Education LCS Rise Institute.
Lakeland, Florida, USA

Brij Lal, LRPS. Sr. Technical Officer,
Medical Photography, Medical Institute: PGIMER, Chandigarh, India
Course Co-ordinator ( Bsc Dept of Biomedical Illustration )

David Larraguilbel,
Forensic Photography Technologist
Ontario Forensic Pathology Service.
Ontario, Canada

Andrew Hammerand MFA,
Photographer Mayo Clinic.
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Susan Lopez,
BFA. Medical Photographer,
Umyuaq Technology, LLC/
Brooks Army Medical Center.
Fort Sam Houston, Texas, USA

Marie Stolts,
Research Assistant,
Wistar Institute,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Tom Vandniais, PE.
Vadnais Engineering.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Student Members

Anna Fitzpatrick, BFA.
Photography Student,
Fashion Institute of Technology.
Whitestone, New York USA