Professor James Perkins


Professor James Perkins is an expert in the visual communication of complex biomedical subject matter, particularly in the areas of cell biology, molecular biology, physiology, and pathology. He has illustrated over 40 medical textbooks and serves as a consultant to several medical publishers.

For 20 years, he has been the sole illustrator for Robbins and Cotran's Pathologic Basis of Disease, one of the best-selling medical books of all time. Recently, he served as consulting art editor for the 8th edition of Marieb's Human Anatomy and Physiology, a popular undergraduate anatomy and physiology text.

Prof. Perkins also serves as one of three illustrators who carry on the work of the late Dr. Frank H. Netter, hailed as the greatest medical illustrator of our time. Perkins contributes most of the molecular and cellular art to new titles bearing the Netter name:

Perkins joined the RIT faculty in 1998. He has authored or co-authored of ten scholarly articles featured in the Journal of Biocommunication, and Scientific American and His work has been featured in exhibitions across the US and internationally. He Is the recipient of the British Medical Association Illustrated Book Award and the Award of Excellence, Illustrated Book Award from the Association of Medical Illustrators. He has illustrated three book covers and 25 magazine covers, including the Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease, Case Studies in Oncology, HER2 in Oncology, and Advances in Glioma Therapy and is a Fellow of the Association of Medical Illustrators.