Psammoma Bodies, Brain Tumor x64

Oct 15, 2022

These concentric layers of calcification, which seen microscopically are often a characteristic of Meningioma. The word comes from the Greek word (psammos) meaning sand. These microscopic calcifications when prepared for diagnosis are surrounded by meningothelial cells that feel like beach sand when preparing a smear and impart a gritty sensation. This collection of Necrotic cells form the focus for surrounding calcific deposition. They have a lamellated concentric calcified structure, they are generally a sign of chronic inflammation.
Left: H&E, x64
Right: Double Band Fluorescence Excitation, FITC and Texas Red, x64

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Zeiss Axiophot Microscope

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Judges Choice Award - 2022
"With so many beautiful images to choose from this was a difficult choice but I selected this image because it really ‘speaks’ to me. As a scientific photographer who now practises creative photography, this image shows me the best of both worlds. Technically accomplished in their execution this pair of images also has high impact and a strong sense of visual design. It is a good example of standardisation with the A and B images meticulously photographed; the B image reminds me of a Van Gogh painting. So for me it is a classic example of useful scientific imaging with a beautiful aesthetic outcome."
- Gigi Williams

Gigi Williams