RPS Woman Science Photographer of the Year

Feb 11, 2023

Congatulations to BCA members Marie Jones and Danielle Edwards on being finalists in the Royal Photographic Society Woman Science Photographer of the year 2023 competiton. You can read more about other images by Marie and Danielle in Behind the Image. Read the feature article in Science Focus magazine.

❮ Marie Jones used her clinical knowledge together with specialist photography skills to demonstrate this patient’s prominent great anterior saphenous varicose vein using cross-lighting photography techniques combined with the thermal image. The composite image was used to support the patient’s case to apply for NHS funding for avulsion surgery. Photo by Marie Jones.

Green potato bugs (Cuspicona simplex ). Bright lime green eggs were studied and photographed over time until eggs hatched and nymphs appeared. Once hatched, the nymphs continue to huddle in a group until eventually dispersing individually. Photo by Danielle Edwards

Marie in attendance at the launch of the exhibition.