The Asthmatic Airway

Sep 28, 2023

Lydia Gregg, MA, CMI, FAMI

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

The illustration depicts a comparison of bronchiole and lung anatomy in 3 different states: normal, asthmatic, and during an asthma attack. The square inset provides a zoom-in to establish scale for lay audiences. The three depictions of the bronchioles at the bottom highlight changes in the state of the bronchiole wall and the path of air flow through the alveoli.

This illustration was created for caregivers of children with asthma as part of a campaign being studied by an NIH funded research team. The illustration is used in a classroom teaching session for caregivers to explain changes in the bronchiole wall and how air can become trapped in the alveoli.

Illustration produced in Adobe Photoshop using an iMac computer.