Tracheostomy Repair using a Medpor Implant

Oct 15, 2022

A Medpor implant was created to act as a graft for reconstructing the anterior airway defect. Balloon dilation was performed of the glottis. A Medpor implant was prepared by first heating the Medpor and the patient specific mold in boiling water for 10 minutes. The Medpor was then formed around the mold and placed back in the boiling water for an additional 10 minutes. It was subsequently transferred to an ice water bath for 10 minutes before being placed on the back table and allowed to come to room temperature. The molded piece of Medpor was then taken to the operative field and examined in the patient. It was trimmed until an appropriate fit was achieved.

Images were requested by the surgeon for documentation and educational purposes.

Canon 90D with 60mm macro lens 1:2.8 and a Ring Flash held off axis