WHO Formula 1

Nov 16, 2021

A pharmacist at the Royal Free London pharmaceutical production laboratory measuring a quantity of glycerol during the manufacturing of the first batch of hand sanitiser during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Royal Free London was a COVID-19 treatment centre and to ensure adequate supplies of hand sanitiser the inhouse Pharmacy manufacturing department started producing its own hand sanitiser using the World Health Organisation's Formula 1 (Denatured alcohol 80%, Hydrogen peroxide 3%, Glycerol 98% and Sterile distilled cold water).


Photograph taken from a series on the Pharmacy hand sanitiser production for news story to show “good news” during very testing times.

To be viewed by hospital staff and general public.


Technique: PR photograph taken using a combination of available light and two speedlites; one key light and one coloured for bacKGROUND.