Water Lilies

Sep 28, 2023

Danielle Edwards, FBCA

Alchemic Photography
St Andrews, Victoria AUS

The stunning white water lily, Nymphaea alba L. is a hardy aquatic plant, naturalised in many parts of the world. The flowers rise out of the water or float on the surface, opening during the day or at night.

Artistic piece created for personal expression. To be exhibited and reproduced as a limited edition of prints.

Equipment / Technique
Using the technique of Infrared photography the water lily leaves are partially transparent to infrared adding another dimension.


Judges Choice Award - 2023

“I very much liked this image because I am familiar with Infrared photography. I think my students have photographed just about every subject in IR using all sorts of cameras. I have seen so many infrared images, that I am not surprised by much anymore. But in this image of water lilies, the photograph reveals leaves that are somewhat transparent in the infrared spectrum. This is a characteristic of water lilies that I have not seen before. The unique subject, the composition, and the well exposed nature of the image made it one of my favorites.”

Professor Ted Kinsman
Dept of Photographic Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, New York