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Creative Workshop Gallery

Photographers working within the discipline of medical and scientific imaging may at times develop a creative block to embracing the abstract image. Thinking differently, “outside the norm” will help one improve their own photographic practice, whether that emphasis be on art or science.

This workshop was delivered in two parts at BIOCOMM 2023 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Part one focussed on creative thinking and visualization. Selected themes were used to generate ideas to tell a personal story of a place, a time or an event that shapes the natural world. Such themes as ‘Worlds within Worlds', 'Tracks of Man'', and the Japanese ephemeral concept of 'Wabi-Sabi' were included.

At the conclusion of Part one, photographers had ample time in the field to create images for the follow-up in Part two, analysis and discussion. The participants were limited to where they could walk to from the hotel around historic Santa Fe. Collectively we experienced how photographers working in the same area and with a common theme interpreted the natural world differently and conveyed that personal emotion in the visual images presented. The full list of participants are listed at the end of the galleries.

Worlds within Worlds

Tracks of Man



Allison Bruce
Adam Cooper
Maja Divjak
Danielle Edwards
Nazeema Ebrahim
Jim Fosse
Mardell Fosse
James Hayden
Susanne Loomis
José Manuel Martínez López
Ken Meats
Julie Murray
Tom Vadnais