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Peter C Kinchington, AAIPP, APPLM, BSc, Dip Ed, GRAD DIP RES MAN


    UV / IR
    Landscape / Seascape


As a career biologist and professional photographer, my photographs have been utilised for scientific publications and as a way to convey the beauty and diversity of the natural world. I am able to apply my skills in underwater, landscape, nature and photography through the microscope to help others convey their own messages. My images have illustrated publications and exhibitions by many organisations including the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Museum of Victoria, Victorian Institute of Marine Sciences, the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial and Research Organisation, Ozbreed Turf, Scienceworks, the Gould League, Melbourne Water and the National Herbarium of Victoria. My photographs have appeared in scientific reports as well as popular technical and photographic magazines and in an online indigenous vegetation guide for the Shire of Yarra Ranges. In the Australian Professional Photography Awards I have received both Gold and Silver Awards for my work. Further recognition includes honourable mentions in specialist world wide photomicrography competitions including the Olympus Bioscape Awards, an image of distinction in the Nikon Small World Awards, a Gold Award in the Science Section of the Tokyo International Foto Awards and a citation of merit in the Biocommunication Association Awards. I am based in the Shire of Yarra Ranges near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

From my childhood days I have been fascinated by the natural world. The first sentence that I wrote in primary school talked about the ants I had observed on our back steps and how they were hurrying back to their nesting holes with food they had collected - even illustrating the sentence with a close-up drawing! Photography enables me to share with others my intrigue with nature - celebrating its seemingly infinite diversity and intricate detail. During my photographic pursuit to convey the fascinating natural diversity of the world we live in - I have researched and developed advanced imaging techniques. I am sought after by research institutions and organisations for my ability to utilise these techniques to provide aesthetic images that illustrate important features in organisms both large and small.


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Bluespotted Goatfish feeding using their sensitive and mobile barbels to detect food such as worms and shrimps.