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Forensic Photography Symposium January 16-19, 2023

The Forensic Photography Symposium, hosted by ai2-3D, is a first of its kind virtual gathering of forensic photographers from around the globe to share knowledge, techniques, and enhance the stature of forensic photography. The very first FPS was held in January 2022 and brought together forensic photography professionals, academics, technology companies and software developers who had the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss solutions to problems regularly encountered in the forensic photography discipline. Due to its virtual format, the FPS brings together attendees from all over the world. Forensic photographers, crime scene investigators and technical experts attend to learn about problems faced by everyday investigators and how to overcome them by utilizing the digital camera and equipment to its full potential. Four esteemed BCA members will be presenting their expertise at this symposium.

BCA is a proud supporter of FPS 2023
This is the second symposium on FPS delivered fully online. We are proud to have four BCA members speaking at this symposium. Professor Ted Kinsman, Louis Schmidt Laureate, Professor Gale Spring FBPA, Louis Schmidt Laureate and BIOCOMM 2023 Pioneer Lecturer, James Hayden RBP, FBCA, BCA Vice-President and Louis Schmidt Laureate and Tom Vadnais, PE, a new BCA member who learned about BCA through last year's Forensic Photography Symposium

Get an overview of FPS 2023 in this interview by Gale Spring with Eugene Liscio, symposium moderator.