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JBC Volume 47, Number 2 (2023)

The Journal Management Board is pleased to announce the publication of JBC issue 47-2. In this issue, we feature an article examining the viability of a biologically degradable material for fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3-Dimensional (3D) printed medical models, written by University of Georgia authors Joshua C. Bledsoe, Brad E. Gilleland, Austin F. Wright, Evan M. White, Grant H. Crane, Christopher B. Herron, Jason J. Locklin, and Branson W. Ritchie from the University of Georgia. As 3D printing becomes a more widespread technique in the medical field, Bledsoe et. al address the negative environmental and ecological impacts of the most common commercial 3D printing filaments while exploring sustainable, compostable alternatives.

We also invited forensic photography technologist David Larraguibel to discuss the process behind his photograph entitled Cerebral Reflections, winner of the BioCommunications BioImages 2022 Premiere Award in the Biomedical - Human & Animal category. In this article, Larraguibel discusses his background in photography, the technical aspects that influence photographs of organic materials like skin and tissue, and his profession doing forensic postmortem photography (FPM) as it applies to medico-legal postmortem examination.

We would like to thank the members of our Management Board, our editors, advisors, and authors for their important contributions.

Sam Bond & Kelly Cloninger
Co-Chairs, Journal Management Board

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