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The Manual of Close-Up and Macro Photography

Tech Photo Press announces publication of a long-awaited, two-volume, modern recreation of Lester Lefkowitz’s classic text on specialty photography,The Manual of Close-Up and Macro Photography, Volume I: The Basics - Magnification to 1X and Volume II: High Magnification and Advanced Techniques.

With a combined total of 684 pages and over 1,750 photographs, these beautifully and extensively illustrated books are designed to be the definitive reference texts as well as practical manuals for the photography of subjects ranging in size from 10 inches to 1 millimeter. The information pertains to photography of any small subject, and the vast number of examples include subjects from medicine, electronics, geology, biology, archaeology, mechanics, and even food.

Numerous photos show the assembly of camera and optical components, lighting arrangements, and positioning and support systems used to make specific images. Techniques that take advantage of the latest hardware and software - focus stacking (automated and manual), mirrorless cameras, modern macro lenses, microscope objectives, noise reduction, sharpening, and post-production enhancements - are given broad coverage.

Emphasis is also placed on important issues such as accurate focus, depth-of-field, diffraction considerations, and subject and camera stability and positioning. The techniques are based on best practices for macro work in general and provide an understanding of equipment and technique that can be applied to the infinite variety of close-up photography and photomacrography subjects.

Dozens of Tables provide further data regarding depth-of-field, diffraction, focus stacking step size, magnification and working distance. Appendices contain extensive glossaries, references for additional information, and list sources for components and materials used throughout the two volumes.

About the Author: Lester Lefkowitz holds a B.S. degree in Engineering Physics from Stony Brook University and an M.S. degree in Optical Engineering from The University of Rochester, and was Supervisor of the Photo-Optics Laboratory in the College of Engineering at Stony Brook University. In addition to numerous magazine articles, he has authored five books on a variety of photographic subjects including Electronic Flash (for Eastman Kodak) and Instant 35mm Photography (for Polaroid). He is a frequent speaker and workshop director and has been on the faculty of the International Center of Photography in New York for over three decades. His extensive experience as a commercial photographer includes documenting all aspects of industry, technology, science and medicine; from surgery to skyscrapers, microchips to mining, pills to pipelines, X-rays to zebras.

Softcover. 11 x 8.5 inches (28 x 22 cm). Vol. 1 ISBN: 979-8989339907 - US$ 59.99, Vol. 2 ISBN: 979-8989339914 - US$ 59.99. Available on Amazon for U.S. sales; available on eBay for international sales.