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BCA Talk - Professional Collaboration

BCA talk - an opportunity to communicate with other professionals, solve problems and exchange ideas

BCA hosts an email listserv that is open to members and non-members to exchange information on techniques, products, and general networking. Anyone interested in the profession of biocommunications in the fields of medical, scientific, or forensic imaging technologies who need or have skills in photography, videography, illustration, computer graphics or other related fields is invited to join us and actively participate.

By providing open enrollment to this listserv, it is hoped that our discussions relevant to the profession of biocommunications will extend beyond the current BCA membership. We encourage all new subscribers to BCAtalk to consider joining our association and strengthening our profession by doing so.

You do not have to be a BCA member to subscribe to BCA Talk

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Purpose of BCAtalk

The purpose of BCAtalk is to provide biocommunicators with an avenue to exchange information about current and emerging technology.

Solicitations, chain letters, political or religious debate, threats, harassment, obscene material, sexual or ethnic jokes and slurs, defamatory statements and idle gossip constitute a misuse of the system.

As the list serve owner, BCA will not prescreen messages, or block commercial enterprises from sharing information on the list serve, since useful information can be provided by vendors. However, the participation of commercial enterprises must directly address an ongoing discussion or question that was posted. If commercial enterprises misuse their participation on the site, they will be removed from the list serve and blocked from subscribing to the list serve.

The inherent public nature of this forum dictates that the BCA assumes no responsibility for protecting the information disclosed on it by users. Please exercise caution when disclosing personal information in public forums.