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Remembering Gabriel Unda, FBCA


December 6, 1946 – January 18, 2022

Gabriel Unda or Gabe, as he was commonly known in BCA, lit up the room when he smiled. His smile was both warm and welcoming. His sharp eyes had a 'cheeky' glint that went alongside with his wicked sense of humor.

Gabe will be remembered for many things. He was always intrigued by, and embraced, emerging technologies. His engagement with this goes right back to the BCA meeting in San Diego in 1982. He was passionate about photomacrography and was an early adopter of image stacking. This is demonstrated by his many BioImages entries and awards throughout the years.

While he battled physically with a crippling illness, his mind remained razor sharp and Gabe continued to participate with photography locally in California and at BCA meetings. His last photomacrography workshop for us was at our last in-person meeting at Asilomar in 2019.

Gabe had a fierce determination that was evident from anyone's initial meeting with him. His generosity in sharing his knowledge was never ending and he made this available at any time, not just at a meeting. He practiced a life of continuous learning. In 2007 Gabe was awarded a Fellowship in BCA and was honored as an emeritus member in 2015.

Throughout the years, Gabriel's wife, soulmate, partner, friend, and carer, Julia Serat, FBCA was always by his side. This portrait of Gabe taken by Julia truly captures his love of photography combined with Gabe's personality of warmth, generosity of spirit and strength. For those of us who connected personally with Gabe, he leaves wonderful memories and an enduring place of warmth in our hearts.

Farewell Gabe, keep making pictures.