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Creer Service Award Recipients

2019 Danielle Edwards, FBCA
2016 James Koepfler, FBCA
2013 Karen M. Hensley, FBCA
2012 Charlene A. Baron, FBCA
2010 James Fosse, RBP, FBCA
2009 Nancy S. Hurtgen
2008 John Hendrix, RBP, FBCA
2007 Robert C. Turner, RBP, FBPA
2006 Thomas Hurtgen, FBPA
2004 Marilee Caliendo, RBP, FBPA
2003 Carol Gray, RBP, FBPA
2002 Anita Tellier, FBCA
2001 Peter Hansell, MD, RBP, FBPA
2000 Joseph Ogrodnick, FBPA
1998 John Massman
1997 William Durrence
1996 Bobb Sleezer, RBP
1995 Lewis Koster, RBP, FBPA
1994 Zuhair Kareem
1993 Warren Sturgis, RBP, FBPA
1992 E. Lynn Baldwin, RBP, FBPA
1991 H. Paul Newman, RBP, FBPA
1989 C. Graham Eddy, RBP, FBPA
1987 Albert Levin, RBP, FBPA
1985 Richard Ray, RBP, FBPA
1983 Laurence B. Brown, RBP, FBPA
1980 H. Lou Gibson, RBP, FBPA
1979 Stanley McComb, RBP, FBPA
1979 Florence McComb
1977 Percy W. Brooks, RBP, FBPA
1977 John Vetter, RBP, FBPA

Ralph Creer Service Award

In honor of BCA's founding president, the Association has established the Ralph Creer Service Award. Recognizing those who have served the Association and its members with distinction, this award is given by BCA's President.

Ralph Creer

Nominations may be directed to the BCA President: Adam Cooper.

Current Recipients

View current recipients of honors awards.

Nomination Forms

Please go to the Downloads page to download nomination forms which are enabled for electronic completion.

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