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BCA News: Fall 2016

Introducing the RCH Creative Studio

The Royal Children's Hospital Educational Resource Centre has a brand new name: the RCH Creative Studio.

The RCH Creative Studio will continue to produce high-quality media for health professionals, patients and the public in memorable, insightful, and empowering ways.

The talented team use clinical photography, medical illustration, design, video production, web and app development services, that are recognised internationally for creative and technical excellence.

RCH Creative Studio Acting Head of Department Simon Pase said deciding on a new name was a collaborative process. "This unit was established at the hospital in 1983, and as technology has evolved, so have we – expanding services and communicating to audiences in exciting new ways. When we came together to talk about a new name, it was clear that this team loves creating work that talks to people, that is clear, effective, empowering and emotive."

"All the work we produce, across all media, comes from a very creative bone that we all share. We are here to produce a very high standard of quality."

The Creative Studio brings together experts in health and the creative industries to develop and deliver imaginative concepts that respond to the unique needs of health professionals and their audiences. For more information visit rch.org.au/creative-studio.

Left to right in the picture: Rob Grant (Senior Video Producer), Christine Goerner (Senior Graphic Designer), Jayne Dullard (Executive Director, Communications), Simon Pase (Acting Head of Department), Adam Leadoux (Webmaster), Barbara McDonald (Studio Manager), Bert DiPaolo (Senior Clinical Photographer)

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