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BCA News: Fall 2018

Letter from the Secretary/Treasurer

Greetings from New England! Here we are in October and it is really starting to feel like autumn now. The summer heat felt like it would never end but all it took was one frost and the season has changed. It feels like that with BIOCOMM 2018 as well. It seems like it just ended and already we are well on our way in our planning for BIOCOMM 2019 at Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California.

Connie Johansen is doing an amazing job pulling together events, speakers and venues to make our next meeting even better. She would certainly like to hear from you. The time to consider presenting at BIOCOMM 2019 is now! I know there is an idea, a topic, a concept, in your head that you are reluctant to share. Maybe you figure it’s been done before, or no one will be interested, or it’s just not important enough to warrant a talk. Well, put aside all of those concerns and begin to work on your presentation abstract. Not sure how to start or what might work? Talk to Connie and she will provide you with some guidance. The most important presentations (IMHO) are not the Keynote and Pioneer lectures, but the ones that are given by colleagues. By being a speaker at BIOCOMM you are supporting both the BCA and the membership and in return you are supported! So head on over to the BIOCOMM 2019 web page today and download the call for papers.

While you’re there, click on the BCA Update tab to learn about two other opportunities to share your talent. There are two exhibitions awaiting your entry.

Images from Science 3 – This traveling exhibition “seeks to explore the interface of science, technology, art, design, and communication.” And “showcase up to 75 extraordinary examples of both still and moving images that reveal science in new and unique ways.”

Wellcome Photography Prize 2019 – “…is looking for entries that show the importance of health in society and the impact health issues have on people and communities worldwide. There are four categories; social perspectives, hidden works, medicine in focus, and outbreaks”

Much like presenting, you probably don’t think you have what it takes to enter in these exhibitions. Yet each year at BioImages, we get to see some of the most amazing imagery from our members and friends. So! I know you have it in you. Plus, submitting your work now (deadline is December) means you will have a leg up on submissions for BioImages, a win win!

As treasurer I guess I would be remiss if I didn’t make some mention of BCA finances. In a nutshell, we continue to collect interest and dividends on our investments though our amount of invested money is considerably down from previous years. Unfortunately, the income we derive from investments is not nearly enough to support the Association and its important programs. Membership dues and donations continue to be a crucial part of BCA’s operations. For the most part, aside from investment interest, we derive no income from July to December. However, that doesn’t prevent the bills from showing up. So, I encourage you to renew your membership, if possible, before the end of the year. It would give you the tax benefit and greatly help us keep the lights on.

Regardless of our finances, our most important assets are our members. We never stop saying this. BCA needs the support and input from its members. Please get involved! Renew your membership, join a committee, submit an article, run for office, present at BIOCOMM, spread the word. Support your BCA.


Jim Koepfler, FBCA

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