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BCA News: Summer 2017

Letter from the President

Hello Everyone

I hope summer is going well for you and this finds you healthy and happy!

Thank you to everyone that helped make BIOCOMM 2017 a great success. I hope the attending members and guests enjoyed the conference, learned something new and met with new and old friends.

I would like to thank BCA for selecting me as your President. I want to share my election statement to give everyone an idea of where I would like to see BCA focus and grow.

Moving forward, I see the pendulum of change is swinging back in our favor. The industry has had more job openings than in the past and BCA needs to jump on this to assure our growth and sustainability.

A few areas I would like to see developed or continued:


  • Explore ways of growing by finding out what people want in an association.
  • Engage younger members and have them “learn the ropes” through joining a committee, helping one of the directors or shadowing the Executive Board.


  • Continue adding to social media through WebEx, YouTube, Facebook and our website.


  • Analysis what works and doesn’t work at the conferences. We need your feedback.
  • Continue to balance BCA talent and outside experts in delivering BIOCOMM.


  • Work with communications and membership in advertising the grants and scholarship.


  • Reach outside the box and add other certification programs along with the Total Body Photography certification.
  • Work with communications to get the word out.

BCA is a web of knowledge where each one of us contributes in some way by serving, giving a talk, writing an article, getting a fellow employee to join or talking about the BCA to anyone that may be interested. Every time we create a piece of work it’s an opportunity not only to represent employer, and the BCA, but also ourselves. Membership is a great privilege and I am honored to have been a member for over 20 years. Thank you for all the friendships made, mentoring received and given, and the vast amount of knowledge gained.

Now on the lighter side of things, I was asked to give you a little background about myself that may or may not be known. Here goes!

I have had four careers in my life, starting with Health and Physical Education (BS) and Fine Art Photography (BFA). After working for a newspaper in the darkroom, I went back to school and received my BS in Biomedical Photographic Communications from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I became a medical photographer at Tuskegee University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. From there I went on to teach medical photography and received my MS in Instructional and Informational technologies at RIT. Currently, I work at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in the Department of Radiology as the Production Supervisor for the media service center as well as illustrator and graphic designer. I’ve been at MGH for 19 years.

I am the last child of three (2 girls, one boy). I have seven nieces and nephews and 16 great nieces and nephews.

While working on my family history I found that my ancestors came to North America in the 1600s during the Great Migration. Most of my family came through Boston and at least one through New York (Long Island). It was interesting to find I live in the same area where most of my ancestors lived.

I have a great love for animals and nature. My feeling wonderful time is surrounding myself with either or both!

I love to beachcomb and have a lot of shells, bones and glass to prove it. Water is my favorite element.

When I take a photo I am usually looking at the colors, shapes and shadows. I always want to have my eyes hooked up to a camera so it can see exactly what I want to show.

When the time comes to retire I plan to use my talents to create art, mixed media and feed my love of travel.

Thank you and remember that the Executive Board is here for you! The only way we know what you want from this Association is for you to tell us. Email us any time!

Happy summer,
Sue Loomis, FBCA

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