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BCA News: Summer 2017

BIOCOMM Town Hall Meeting

An hour-long open forum is not always enough time for members to voice their opinion, ask questions or make comments. If you weren’t present or you didn’t have the opportunity to comment on an issue, BCA is extending this open forum. Please email your comments and ideas to Connie Johansen, RBP, FBCA, at ljohansen2@verizon.net

Briefly, the town hall meeting held in Portland was about next year’s conference, and what type of venue did people want?  Several locations were proposed. Also, there was some discussion about the types of talks, using the membership for their expertise and/or choosing people from the outside. The idea was brought up that BCA should consider virtual meetings in addition to BIOCOMM. In addition to BIOCOMM, another idea was brought up to use the online service “Meetup” for local meetings during other times of the year. This could potentially revive some BCA chapters.

The JBC journal scanning project was discussed.  The scanning is complete so we now need to get the articles catalogued, key worded and made searchable.  In addition we would want to find a location to host the files. This in turn, brought up the challenge of getting our expertise out to the public via more content on our web site, perhaps highlighting past journal articles. 

A call went out for an open position on JBC for the BCA Editor.  It was stressed that you don’t have to be an editor to fulfill the role.  Part of the role would be to solicit journal articles. There are a number of articles in the pipeline at present. A proposal to pay the BCA editor a stipend was introduced and a motion was made to have the Executive Board discuss the issue. The good news is Jim Wetzel stepped up to take on the BCA Editor role for BCA. Thank you Jim!

It was noted that the Director of Communications position would be open next year.  That said, a final plea for volunteerism was made.

Keeping with the schedule, the Town Hall meeting was concluded but everyone was encouraged to continue sending in his or her ideas and comments.

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