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BCA News: Summer 2018

Photo Workshop Roundup

Adam Cooper, RBP, FBCA, Vice President

After a great week at BIOCOMM 2018 meeting some new people and learning from our industry’s best, a group got together for our post-conference photo workshop.

Bill Durrence

Led by our good friend Bill Durrence, we had a great trip and learned a lot about the Savannah area and Tybee Island. We were sorry to hear that Bill Forney couldn’t stay with us for the trip, but it was wonderful to see Bill Fortney during the week.

Wheels up at 4:40 am, we all met in the lobby and boarded our bus for the short ride to Tybee Island. We got to the beach near the lighthouse for a beach sunrise photo session, which didn’t disappoint.

Sunrise on Tybee Island © Bill DurrenceSunrise on Tybee Island © Bill Durrence

After sunrise, we were given a closer look at the beautiful Tybee Island Lighthouse. Back on the bus and off to a great breakfast at a local diner. After breakfast and coffee, we headed back to the beach to the Tybee Beach Pier and Pavilion. There was a lot to see and photograph on this normally crowded tourist beach, but at this early hour, it was beautiful and very interesting.

Next stop, Fort Pulaski. We learned all about the fort from the park rangers and were thrilled to see the cannon demonstration, even though we shoot with Nikon! (LOL). We all felt bad for the re-enactors wearing wool pants and full uniforms in the 98 degree weather.

At this point the group was ready for lunch. Everyone knows that you cannot go to Tybee Island and miss the Crab Shack! As we pass the alligator enclosure, we had a wonderful outdoor seat for lunch. I thought I saw Squidward and SpongeBob making the crabby patties in the kitchen! It was delicious.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel for our review of what we captured that day. I took everyone’s images and we all reviewed and critiqued our images. It’s fantastic to see how a dozen photographers can be in the same places and come back with completely different looks. The camaraderie and sharing of knowledge in this group is beyond compare. The best value of coming to an annual meeting in person is experiencing the high-level collegiate interactions. We learn from each other, get ideas, share our thoughts and go back to our jobs inspired.

The BCA would like to thank everyone who attended the workshop and especially Bill Durrence for his history of Savannah as we travelled around in the bus. Savannah is certainly a destination I would travel to again.

We’ll see you all next year at Asilomar!

Adam Cooper, RBP, FBCA
Vice President

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