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BCA News: Winter 2018

Hedgcock awarded $5000 Artist Research and Development Grant

BCA member Charles “Chip” Hedgcock was awarded an Artist Research and Development Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts in January 2018. This $5000 grant provides funding to support his work with scientists, at Biosphere 2, a research facility located in the Sonoran desert outside of Tucson Arizona. There he will be Artist in Residence, using a camera-less photographic process known as lumen prints, to create botanical images of a wide range of plant species from the five different biomes within the facility. These images will provide a unique artistic interpretation of the botanical richness contained within Biosphere 2 and will be presented to school groups, educational programs, visiting researchers, and other visitors to Biosphere 2.

Chip hopes this work will raise public awareness of the diversity of plants from around the globe that Biosphere 2 contains, while illuminating scientific research that provides a better understanding of our global environment.

Chip is a Registered Biological Photographer, a BCA Fellow, and a recent Schmidt Laureate. He has worked as a photographer in medicine, the life sciences, and fine arts to create a unique vision of the natural world. He has a keen personal interest in the natural sciences and has participated in numerous biological expeditions documenting the biodiversity of unique, seldom explored, mountain ranges in the Southwestern US and Northern Mexico.

For Chip, working at the Biosphere 2 is an extraordinary opportunity to take his work to the next level artistically, while also providing a unique and aesthetic contribution to scientific interpretation.

AZ (velvet) ash, Fraxinus velutina, Molino Canyon

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