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Learn from the Experts

Behind every photograph is a story. Click on the images below to read about the techniques used by the photographer and how each image accomplished its purpose. Then read an interview with the photographer.

Twins © Peter Barta Plancenticeras meeki © Norman Barker Red Device © Mary Spano Unbreakable Bond © Adam Cooper Ultra Violet Laser Light © Ken Meats
UV Florescence Scorpion © Chip Hedgcock Osteochondroma Left Scapula © James Koepfler Uveitis © Paul Crompton Cochranella midas in vivo © Josh Shagam Eye See Said the Blind Man © Phil Snow

What is the BioCommuication Association?

The BioCommunications Association, or BCA, is an international association of media professionals who create and use quality images in visual communications for teaching, documentation and presentations in the life sciences and medicine.

What do Biocommunicators do?

The visual biocommunicator combines creativity and technical expertise to create visual media for science and medicine. It is a dynamic career that evolves with advances in medicine and technology. Visual biocommunicators can serve many roles as creator, consultant, teacher, and technical advisor to physicians, scientists, patients and students.

The BCA is about people who communicate visually in the world of medicine and science. Perhaps you will find your future as a visual biocommunicator!