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Videos from BIOCOMM 2021 YouTube Channel

The BCA's YouTube channel features educational videos on photographic techniques.

Producing Architectural Images using Lightroom and Photoshop Workshop
Adam Cooper, RBP, FBCA

This is an edited version of a workshop Adam Cooper presented on architectural photography as part of the BIOCOMM 2021 virtual meeting. He explains how he used Lightroom and Photoshop to make high quality images balancing indoor and outdoor lighting.


Forensic Radiography
Professor Nazeema Ebrahim

Every image produced in a radiology department is a potential forensic document. It may be required in a court of law as evidence for a crime committed, a motor-vehicle accident or for medico-legal purposes. Radiography in forensic investigations is not new. It is used primarily as a process of evidence collection in determining the types of injuries and also the possible reason(s) for death. This presentation will demonstrate images related to politics, despair and deception.


Kirlian Photograhy: A Scientific Basis for Recording the Energy Fields of the Physical Body
Hoosain Ebrahim, FBCA, FIMI(Hon), ASIS FRPS

Kirlian photography is a method of obtaining a photographic image of high energy interaction between a subject and an applied electric field. The image captured on the film reflects the dynamic relationship between the externally generated electric field and the energy emitted from the subject. No external light source is used for this technique. The light emitted as photons by the electric discharge from the charged subject produces the latent image in the photosensitive layer of the recording material.


Confocal Microscopy Workshop Part 1: 2D Acquisition and Spectral Separation
James Hayden, RBP, FBCA

Confocal is an advanced form of fluorescence microscopy which allows researchers to non-destructively focus through a cell or tissue specimen while acquiring a stack of extremely sharp images. ´╗┐In Part 1 of this virtual demonstration workshop, James Hayden, the Managing Director of Imaging Shared Resource at The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, PA, takes advantage of the need to meet remotely by inviting you to see how confocal images are created in their lab. This is an exciting opportunity to take a look under the hood at what has become a staple instrument in biological microscopy.


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