Book Review: Natural Science Imaging and Photography

Natural Science Imaging and Photography edited by BCA member and BioImages Chair Michael Peres with contributions by BCA members Norm Barker, James Hayden, Charles Hedgcock, and Ted Kinsman.

Professor Michael Peres’ book, Natural Science Imaging and Photography is a complete tome on the techniques and practice required for the photographic documentation of natural science. His decades of experience as the head of RIT’s Biomedical Photography program prepared him well for this book. Peres invited some of the world’s best specialists in the field to be contributing authors for sections on aerial photography, ethical practices, field photography, geological photography, imaging processing and workflow to name a few. These authors together with Peres have written a wonderful and comprehensive manual for Natural Science Imaging and Photography.

Photographing subjects that are invisible to the human eye is covered, as well as photomicrography, close-up techniques and photographing small animals in captivity. There is also a chapter devoted to time-based imaging and another to ethics.

Everything including foundations of photography, to optics, light measurement, electromagnetic radiation, digital technology and lighting is included. For a scientist who needs to photograph for their research – or a photographer interested in science – all will find this book to be an all-encompassing resource for techniques and practices in natural science as well as scientific photography. It is written in clear, everyday language, so you don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy the book.

The book is available on Amazon.

Constance J Johansen, RBP, BFA, FBCA
Retired from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Ms. Johansen, recently retired from the Federal Government Intelligence Community as a supervisor of the multimedia department that provided clear, concise imagery and interactive media to national decision makers and warfighters. Prior to her government career, she was a medical and forensic photographer for 18 years. She earned her Registered Biological Photographer certification in 1994, with many mentors including Professor Peres, contributing to her success. She currently lives in Washington State and does volunteer work with the local marine science center.