Charles Hedgcock JBC Showcase

Jan 25, 2023

Charles (Chip) Hedgcock, FBCA has exhibited, presented, run workshops and volunteered for BCA over numerous yers. He is an accomplished scientific and medical photographer as well as a renowned photographic artist. Chip has had numerous images in numerous publications including all three Images from Science books and exhibitions. He has been known to show up at post BCA conference workshops with his large format analog camera.

BCA is fortunate to have Chip presenting on his work in the Sonoran Desert that borders Arizona and Mexico, adding to the diversity of talent presenting at BIOCOMM 2023. Chip's photographic interests are diverse and he is a truly talented photographer. Chip's work has featured in many BioImages exhibtions as well as this years Bioimages 2022 exhibition, he also makes time to produce his own personal work. In 2016 Chip was given the highest honor in the BioCommunications Association, the Louis Schmidt Laureate.


The latest edition of the Journal of Biological Communications (Vol. 46 No. 2 (2022) showcases Chip's scientific imagery with a wonderous array and variety of the insects and animals he has photographed. Attend BIOCOMM 2023 and meet Chip in person and find out how he achieved capturing these images.