Linnea Andersdotter Rundgren



Linnea is a freelance scientific photographer and science communicator, with a B.Sc. Scientific Photography, from RMIT University, Melbourne (2009). She spent the first decade of her career primarily based in Australia while traveling all over the world to work with institutions and organizations. Her career quest has always been to make science exciting and available to wide audiences. She has been published in numerous books, magazines, and scientific papers. Her work has been featured in several TV and film productions. Linnea’s scanning electron microscope images have been exhibited in a variety of venues around the world. In recent years, Linnea has relocated to Sweden where she has furthered her studies in ecology, ecosystem restoration design and environmental science. While back in Sweden, she has been primarily working on a few bigger international projects. These projects include a holographic imaging project for the Hubble Space Telescope and her own Stomata project - an experimental science art exploration of the relationship between plants and humans, in the context of climate change and biodiversity loss.




The Stomata Project


The Stomata project is a science-art collaboration between a visual artist/electron microscopist, an ethnobotanist and a landscape architect. The project revolves around plant physiology, ethnobotany, climate research and ecosystem restoration.

Through scientific imaging Linnea is weaving together stories of plants and humans while delving into paleoclimatology, ecology, and the history of the relationships between living entities on the planet. Ultimately, Linnea’s vision is to create a book and an exhibition where her work can be condensed into a digestible narrative, with her imagery being the thread that holds the topics together. In this presentation, Linnea will share stories from her experience in the field while collecting samples in an ethnobotanical garden in Hawaii. She will also share her experiences from her lab work in Melbourne Australia and Stockholm Sweden, as well as some of the research that she is exploring.


Stomata Project

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