Nathan Pallace


Nathan Pallace is a medical photographer for the Media Support Services department at the Mayo Clinic Arizona. At Mayo he handles both the editorial and medical photographic needs of the organization. His main responsibilities are surgical photography and other OR related digital imaging but is also highly trained in photomicrography, photomacrography, close-up photography, and numerous other scientific photographic techniques. He has also operates scanning electron microscopes.

Prior to working at Mayo, he was a photojournalist and worked for a daily newspaper in the lower Adirondack Park region of Upstate New York where he covered a 5 county geographic circulation area and was responsible for documenting daily events within these communities. After 6 years, he returned to school to earn his BS degree in Biomedical Photographic Communications.

His photographic expertise also includes forensic photography, ophthalmic photography, graphic design, desktop publishing, photojournalism, web design, audio/ video production and editing. Nate has received numerous awards for his photography and has become a leader in contemporary practices.

In the recent past, he was also pursuing a career as a professional musician. During this time he signed a recording contract with a small company, but eventually decided to independently produce, promote, and distribute a pair of studio albums. Nate plays a number of instruments.