Endowment Fund for Education


EFFE promotes and assists study and research in the field of biological communication by providing financial support to the projects approved by the EFFE governing committee. There are two grants available.


Membership in the BCA is not a requirement for receiving an Endowment Fund for Education Grant, however members of the Selection Committee, or their relatives, are ineligible. Any student, trainee, biocommunicator or institutional program that can demonstrate a need for project funding may apply.

The BIOCOMM Educational Grant is available only to BCA members who qualify and is awarded based on financial need to attend a BIOCOMM conference. Total funding will not exceed the cost of registration, accommodations and transportation up to $2,000.00.


The EFFE fund has awarded grants to applicants from several countries for a wide variety of projects such as preparation for certification, attendance at workshops, photographic exhibit support, and the development of new imaging techniques for the microscope. Awards are limited to no more than 33% of available funds for the year and are typically $1500 or less.

Project Examples

Some examples of projects that could possibly qualify for an EFFE grant include:

  • Purchase of equipment for colleges, universities, schools, or other BCA recognized programs of formal biological photographic education.
  • Purchase or production of educational materials of a lasting nature (books, films, videotapes, DVDs, etc.) to be donated for reference use in programs of formal education.
  • Funding of projects whose chief purpose is to develop educational materials.
  • Funding of research on materials or methods in photography or media in the life sciences.
  • Funding of projects utilizing microscopy.

Past Funded Projects

Here are a few examples of educational projects that were supported by grants from EFFE.

  • A photographer developed digital photography techniques to use in taking medical photos in Honduras.
  • A biomedical communications student from the Rochester Institute of Technology, with funding from EFFE for transportation, spent a summer internship in India, studying and teaching ophthalmic photography techniques.
  • A medical photographer whose expenses were partly paid by EFFE accompanied Project Smile's volunteer doctors to Ecuador to document patients undergoing corrective surgery of cleft palates.
  • Biomedical Photojournalism: A Pediatric Ophthalmologist Teaching Aboard the Flying Eye Hospital ‘Orbis’.
  • Four college students prepared a research project utilizing high speed motion pictures to document the behavior of liquids in space. NASA accepted them on a zero-gravity flight and EFFE helped to pay the students' expenses.