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Virtual BIOCOMM 2021

Virtual BIOCOMM 2021

Meeting Overview

For the first time ever, BIOCOMM will be held online in a virtual setting. Events will be spread out over the year, holding monthly Zoom sessions for workshops, plenary presentations, Infoshare, and our annual Business Meeting and TownHall meetings.

There will be no charge for the January and February online educational sessions. All are welcome to attend!

Online or Virtual BIOCOMM provides a unique opportunity to continue learning, networking, and establishing new and old connections. The first monthly BIOCOMM 2021 session will be on January 19, 2021. Scroll down to see what's planned each month. Click here to sign up for meeting updates and news.

January 19, 2021
4:00 pm PST, 7:00 pm EST

Producing Architectural Images using Lightroom and Photoshop Workshop

Adam Cooper, RBP, FBCA
Delray Beach, FL

The process developed and presented here will show how this can be easily produced in order to set the business apart and demonstrate how professional photography can elevate sales for realtors and architects. This process shown can also be very important for medical facilities and health system marketing goals. When producing interior architecture photo with mixed lighting and window or glass doors, a single photo is not sufficient. The shadow details would be fine but the highlight details would not. This bracketing and HDR technique will demonstrate how to produce images with both highlight and shadow detail. Additionally, the vertical lines which are very important in architectural photography and marketing will be demonstrated.

The final touch will be to show how Lightroom and Photoshop interact when you've reached the limit of the capabilities of Lightoom.

This presentation will be in the form of a virtual workshop. All materials will be available for download prior to the workshop so that the attendee will be able to run through this process thereby creating a more immersive learning experience.

Download the materials here: https://www.acvideophoto.com/Clients/2021/BIOCOMM-2021-JANUARY-PROGRAM-MATERIALS/n-QCBX73/

Adam Cooper RBP, FBCA is the current President of the BCA. He has been producing interior and exterior architecture photos in the medical setting for over 30 years. Mr. Cooper is currently focusing on real estate and architecture clients in Florida.

February 9, 2021
10:00 am PST, 1:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm SAST

Forensic Radiography

Professor Nazeema Ebrahim
Cape Town, South Africa

Every image produced in a radiology department is a potential forensic document. It may be required in a court of law as evidence for a crime committed, a motor-vehicle accident or for medico-legal purposes. Radiography in forensic investigations is not new. It is used primarily as a process of evidence collection in determining the types of injuries and also the possible reason(s) for death. This presentation will demonstrate images related to politics, despair and deception.

Nazeema Ebrahim, MSc(Diag) Radiography and PGDip International Research Ethics retired as Director of School of Medicine, Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University. She has presented 71 papers. She also mentored MMed students with protocol development and publications. She was awarded the JJ Wesselo Award jointly with her husband Hoosain M Ebrahim by the Professional Photographers of Southern Africa (PPSA), for furthering the interest of the Police Photographer's Group within the PPSA (1996) after her presentation in Forensic Radiography.

March 9, 2021
4:00 pm PST, 7:00 pm EST


Jim Koepfler, FBCA

Do you have a favorite app that you can't live without? A really cool technique that speeds up your workflow? Repurposed some old equipment to perform new tasks? Found a new toy? Made a new toy? If so, we all want to hear about it!

You are invited to share a 5 minute "show and tell" of your idea, gadget, or technique. If you have something to share please let us know. You can email Connie Johansen your idea and she will put you on the program. We will also be accepting "unplanned" presentations during our Zoom meeting in case the feeling moves you!

April 13, 2021
10:00 am PST, 1:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm SAST

Kirlian Photograhy: A Scientific Basis for Recording the Energy Fields of the Physical Body

Hoosain Ebrahim, FBCA, FIMI(Hon), ASIS FRPS
Cape Town, South Africa

Kirlian photography is a method of obtaining a photographic image of high energy interaction between a subject and an applied electric field. The image captured on the film reflects the dynamic relationship between the externally generated electric field and the energy emitted from the subject. No external light source is used for this technique. The light emitted as photons by the electric discharge from the charged subject produces the latent image in the photosensitive layer of the recording material. All the images produced used a standardized technique developed over many years taking various variables into consideration to obtain near reproducibility.

Kirlian images of medical abnormalities including the affected acupuncture points will be shown. It is quite evident that despite using a highly standardized imaging technique the aura varies according to the subject's state of physical or mental health. It is the author's opinion that the Kirlian image obtained is a simple cold electron emission related to the amount of free electrolyte on the skin.

Hoosain Ebrahim was the 1982 recipient of the British Medical Journal Award for "Kirlian Photography in Medicine" exhibit awarded by the Medical Group of the Royal Photographic Society.

Hoosain Ebrahim retired as Director of Medical Illustration and AV Services at the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, South Africa. He has been a member of the BCA since 1984. He has served for 45 years as a medical and forensic photographer. He belongs to seven other professional societies. He has several awards including the British Medical Journal Award of the RPS. He has delivered 238 oral presentations.

May 11, 2021
4:00 pm PST, 7:00 pm EST

Town Hall and Business Meeting

The BCA Annual Business meeting provides members the opportunity to add their voice to the important business of governing the association. The Executive Board and Directors review the year's major accomplishments, the association's financial condition, and new program initiatives for the coming year.

The business may include such things as certifying elections, making important decisions regarding the organization, and informing the members of previous and future activities. As material becomes available, BCA will upload the information to this website for members to review prior to the meeting.

Everyone is welcome at the business meeting but only members can vote.

The BCA Town Hall is our forum to engage directly with BCA Association leadership about key issues facing BCA. This is the place to address concerns or ask questions, gather information and help guide the Association's direction. All are welcome at this informal meeting.

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Director of Conferences

If you require additional information about presentations or if you wish to give an online presentation, please contact Connie Johansen RBP, FBCA, the Director of Conferences.

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